Automotive waste

“Leading the management of automotive waste and offering the best prices in the market according to the platinum, palladium and rhodium stock Exchange criteria updated at the moment."

According to their economic and environmental value, the collection of automotive waste is one the sectors where more efforts are being carried out. Trading Remhisa SL collaborates since long time ago with the most important Europpean treatment plants.


All our fleet in registered in the Environmental Council. We are FER partners and we collaborate with AEDRA. Because of our experience we can organize a serious and efficient logistics with established vehicles and staff specialised in waste management.

If you need information now or you want us to quote your material, please contact us in our email address info@remhisatrading.comor contact us by telephone at 670.02.09.02

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If you have used alternators we will value them depending on the quality of them. We value all brands of obsolete alternators.

We buy used turbos, from all brands consult us to be able to give you the best price.

Starter motors can be another valuable residue for your company, if you want us to value them, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you the best price..

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